Red Three Piece Heavy Duty Hard Case for Apple iPhone 5C

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  • This is a three-piece cover made from durable high grade black plastic with a coloured silicone rubber cover that wraps around the plastic case giving extra protection
  • There is a built-in flexible screen protection film to help protect your iPhone 5C screen from scratches. Please Note: The inbuilt protector helps to stops dust/grime (and some moisture) from getting under the case. This protector is flexible and it is not designed to adhere directly onto the screen like a typical screen protector so some "resistance" may be felt when being used. It can affect the way you feel and interact with your iPhone's touch screen but the screen should be as responsive as if it wasn't covered up.
  • The case will arrive with a removable clear very thin protective covering on the inside of the screen to protect it during transit. This thin covering must be removed before use or the functioning of the screen will be affected and it may cause the screen of the case to appear scratched.
  • Shock Proof
  • All Ports, Buttons, and Camera lens function without having to remove the case
  • Note: This case may not fit if you are using a tempered glass screen protector
  • Please note with this case on, the iPhone will need to be charged using a standard iPod/Apple charging cable not a docking station. It is also designed for use with standard Apple earphones and some thicker headphone jacks may not fit
  • Help protect your iPhone 5C from scratches and other damage
  • Note: This case is shock resistant however no case can protect your iPhone 100% against damage. Please take care of your iPhone in potentially hazardous environments and avoid rough handling.
  • These covers are custom made for for Apple iPhone 5C 16GB 32GB
  • This case will NOT fit the iPhone 5/5S


  • 1 red x three-piece hard case for Apple iPhone 5C
  • This is a Case for an Apple iPhone 5C, it is not suitable for other models.
  • Please note these covers will NOT fit the iPhone 5/5S
  • iPhone not included

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